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Bezel Boxes

Our Bezel Boxes are made by adding enclosure walls and a back to one of our standard bezels. We offer the Bezel Box as a semi-custom solution for customers who would like a display enclosure with a custom depth for housing a display only,  a display and control/inteface board.  Using our standard bezels as a foundation allows us to offer Bezel Boxes at a reasonable price with no setup/NRE fees.

For customers who need more space for their contol/interface boards we also offer custom Bezel Boxes. For a modest setup/NRE fee we can manufacture Bezel Boxes to your custom size requirements.

The Bezel Box shown is made on an EC-0420D bezel with a  1/2" internal depth.  Bezel Boxes are non-stocked items, please contact us for pricing and delivery.

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