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Features included in the EC Bench CNC

Rugged aluminum and steel design
Pre-Loaded recirculating ball linear slides X,Y and Z axis
Hardened steel rails
Ball bearing lead screw supports
Work envelope X=16" Y=18" Z=3.5"
High resolution micro stepping drivers
X axis 480 oz-in, Y axis 480 oz-in, Z axis 480 oz-in bipolar motors
48vdc motor power
1.5KW (optional 2.2KW) 3 phase water cooled spindle motor with ER11 (ER20) collet
1.5KW (optional 2.2KW) VFD
Opto isolated breakout board and motor drivers
MACH 3 configuration
Available in various stages of build
     1) Complete turn-key including PC with MACH3 and all
         configuration ready for your Gcode.
     2) Machine with motors, control cabinet and wiring ready for your
         PC and software
     3) Machine with motors
     4) Machine only
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