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Custom Enclosures

Elwood Controls can provide custom  enclosures with the following features:
    -Display mounting provisions
    -Switch cutouts
    -PCB mounting provisions
    -Header plug and gland cutouts
    -Engaved and colored text
    -Transfer graphics
    -Custom  dimensions
    -Flush or surface mounting provisions
    -Low cost for low to medium volume production
    -Low cost solution for prototype development
    -Quick time to delivery

Contact us with your custom enclosure requirements.
Elwood Controls Custom Enclosures
Custom Enclosure For Our EC-TL84

Elwood Controls SR23 Pendant
Custom Enclosure For Our EC-SR23 Robot Pendant
Custom Panels and Display Bezels

Elwood Controls manufactures custom control panels or bezels to meet your exact requirements. We can incorporate switch cutouts, display mounting provisions, engravings, bonded acrylic windows and tranfer graphics.

Contact us with your requirements.



Please contact us if you don't see a display bezel that meets your requirements. We make custom display bezels to fit nearly every display.

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