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EC-SR23 Robotic Arm & Control System

The EC-SR23 is a fully integrated 4 axis robotic arm and control system that includes the following features:
- 8 programmable form C relay process control outputs.
- 8 program wait state optically isolated program control inputs.
- 4 program interrupt optically isolated program control inputs.
- 4 axis motor driver outputs.
- 4 high resolution encoders.
- Serial programming port.
- Control pendant with 4 axis enable and drive functions, speed, start, stop and programming.
- 4 port pneumatic/vacuum port outlets at the vertical axis.

EC-SR23        Arm and Controller                                                                                $5875
EC-SRTX6     6 inch tower extension                                                                                $55
EC-SRTX12   12 inch tower extension                                                                              $85
EC-SRAG25   25mm angle pneumatic gripper (includes shaft mounting)                        $95
EC-SRLG25    25mm linear pneumatic gripper (incldes shaft mounting)                       $105

The above pricing does not include any pneumatic valves, filters, regulators or lubricators.
Please contact us for pricing on additional gripper configurations and pneumatic components.

EC-SR23 Manual
Elwood Controls EC-SR23

Elwood Controls EC-SR23 part loading

Elwood Controls EC-SR23 chucking a drill bit


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