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MCP-500-RVC Pricing      $1995
The above price includes the following:
1) LCD TFT color touch screen 6 inch
2) (3) tank level sensors
3) (1) AC voltage sensor includes both L1 and L2
4) (2) AC current sensors
5) (1) DC voltage sensor
6) (1) DC current sensor
7) (1) Temperature sensor 

Download MCP-500-RV System Manual

Tank Level Screen
Click on image to enlarge
Tank level screen with full scale analog display of fresh, grey and black water and propane level. Alarm points are set in the program for low fresh water and propane as well as high grey and black water. When an alarm condition occurs the program changes to the alarm screen and the beeper sounds for ten seconds. 

Alarm Monitor Screen 
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The Alarm Panel automatically displays when an alarm condition is first sensed by the processor. A beeper will sound for ten seconds to notify of a new alarm condition.  After ten seconds the alarm gets placed in the alarm annunciator field until the alarm condition is cleared. The silence alarm button can be activated at any time to silence the beeper. 

Control Screen
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The Control Panel Screen is used to activate the control functions of the MCP-500-RVC.  The generator can be set to be controlled automatically with loss of AC power and/or low house battery voltage. The load shedding feature can be activated to shed non-essential load if the load current is too high and a back-up heat source can be activated if the temperature falls below freezing. 

    Modem Control Screen
 Click on image to enlarge
The Modem Control Screen provides setup and control functions for the GSM wireless text message modem.   Once activated the system, if equipped with the optional GSM-LINK will send text messages to a cell phone on loss of shore power, generator running, low and high temperatures, low battery voltage, intrusion and shore power on.   

    GSM Text Message Modem
Click on image to enlarge
GSM-LINK is a wireless GSM modem that when added to our MCP-200 or MCP-500 systems will send text messages when alarm conditions occur.  Text messages can include Loss of AC power, Low DC Voltage, High or Low temperatures, Generator running, etc. 

Features included in the MCP-500-RVC

> Tank level monitoring of fresh, grey and black water tanks as well as propane tank level.  Alarm levels can be set for each tank. 

> AC voltage and current monitoring with alarm set points for low voltage and high load current.

> DC voltage monitoring of engine and house batteries and current monitoring of the house batteries.  Alarm set points are included for low battery voltages.

> Temperature monitoring of outside, optional inside and the basement with alarms when the inside or basement temperatures fall below freezing.  Optional provisions for back-up heat activation is also provided.

> Optional automatic control of the generator when loss of AC power and/or low DC house voltage occur.  The generator must be equipped with automatic shut down controls and glow, start, and stop switching is supported in this feature.   

> Optional automatic load shedding of one non-essential load on each of line 1 and line 2 when the load current exceeds 50 amps. The loads are automatically re-applied once the load current is at an acceptable level.

> Optional GSM cellular wireless modem to send text message alarm and status information to a GSM cell phone.

AC Power Monitor Screen     
      Click on image to enlarge
The AC power monitor screen monitors voltage and current in both L1 and L2 legs. The program has alarm set points for low voltage and high current. When an alarm condition occurs the screen changes to the alarm screen and a beeper sounds for ten seconds.  The MCP-500 program has provisions to start the generator on loss of AC voltage and to shed one level of load when the AC current is too high.

We offer two standard options for the AC power monitor screen as shown.

DC Power Monitor Screen 
      Click on image to enlarge
The DC power monitor page displays house and engine battery voltages and house battery load current.  Alarms are set in the program at low DC voltages of both batteries. When an Alarm condition occurs the screen automatically changes to the alarm screen and a beeper sounds for ten seconds.

We offer two standard DC power screens as shown.

Temperature Monitor Screen 
        Click on image to enlarge
The temperature monitor screen displays temperatures at three locations. For a motorhome it would monitor inside, outside and basement temps. The program has alarm set points for inside and basement temps  at 32 deg. When an alarm condition occurs the screen changes to the alarm screen and the beeper sounds for ten seconds.

The MCP-500 program also has provisions to activate back up heating sources to prevent freezing.

        Automatic Transfer Switch
             Click on image to enlarge
The SATS-50 is a 50 amp automatic transfer switch that can be used with our MCP-500 Monitor and Control Systems.  The SATS-50 is controlled by the MCP-500 and utilizes time delays to transfer to eliminate transients and damage caused by transfering to out of phase stored energy or shore power source.