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EC-TL84 Automatic Generator Control & Alarm System $795 

Our EC-TL84 provides the following features:

1) Power source monitoring with automatic generator control.
2) Cellular text messaging of generator status on loss and restoration of utility power.
3) Temperature monitoring with cellular text messaging of alarm conditions.
4) Provisions for an intrusion alarm loop with cellular text messaging of alarm conditions.
5) Provisions for an alarm indication output to drive horns and strobes.

 Our EC-TL84 includes the following:

(1) Main control module with user interface.
(1) EC-TMPS temperature sensor.
(1) EC-PSM-3 power source monitoring module.
(1) EC-GSI-1 single output generator starting interface.
(1) EC-CLink cellular modem with antenna. 

Possible applications for the EC-TL84:

1) Remote unattended backup generator installations.
2) Unattended refrigeration or freezer monitoring.
3) over or under temperature protection monitoring.
4) Mobile health-care units with critical temperature monitoring requirements

 System Options:

1) EC-GSI-2  two output generator starting interface add $20
2) EC-GSI-3  three output generator starting interface add $40
3) alarm horns, strobes and input sensors. please contact us